Commercial Mortgages

Looking for commercial property financing?

Access to all kind of lenders: from big banks, and Credit Unions, to private lenders. No personal income required for commercial mortgages, only income from the property. If there is not enough funds for down payment, mortgage can be arranged with two lenders as 1st and 2nd (usually private). 

We have special programs for professionals (doctors, veterinars, chiropractors etc) that alow to buy commercial property for office use with 0% down payment.

Commercial's types of lending to be considered (but not limited to):

Multi-family (rental) apartment (CMHC and conventional)
Condominium interim construction (CMHC and conventional)
Health care /assisted living (CMHC and conventional)
Interim construction (residential and commercial)
Hospitality (hotels / motels)
Mixed use
Land, Farm
Mortgage debt consultation and re-structuring

With CMHC insured financing we can entertain up to 85% of the lending value ( required down payment amount would depend on the stabilized cash flow of the property and what lender / CMHC assess as the value of the subject property) with the associated costs of $150 per unit and a premium of 4.50% of the loan amount at 85% (premiums are scaled to the LTV e.g. at 75% the premium is 2.50% of the loan amount). All CMHC fees and premiums can be added to the loan amount and capitalized over time. A satisfactory AACI Appraisal Report would be required prior to submitting the application to CMHC.

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