Mortgages without income verification

April 18, 2021 | Posted by: Alex Vinarski

Rates for mortgages without income verification.

B side mortgages. For clients who do not show much income on tax return, but can show that they do generate income ( 6 business bank statements). Lender will look at the deposits and reasonability of the income. No tax return required. This program also work for clients with damaged credit history. Minimum down payment 20%. 

1 or 2 year fixed rate 2.69%, plus 1% lender fee.

Reverse mortgages. For clients age 55+. No income verification. Mortgage amount based only on value of the property and borrower's age. Many repayment options: no payment at all, payment of interest, and up to 10% of the principal. 

1 year fixed 3.49%, plus one time set up fee $995.  

Private mortgages.  For clients who can't show income verification and/or have credit problems. All we need to these mortgages are an application, credit bureau and appraisal. Fast funding. No upfront fee.

Rates for 1 st mortgage:

1 year fixed from 4.69% plus 1.5% lender fee for up to 50% of the property value. For 65% of the property value rate 5.99% plus 2% fee. 

3 years 5.95% plus 1% fee for up to 65% of the property value. 

We can do mortgages up to 85%, with rates from 8% and fee from 4.5%. 

Rates for 2 nd mortgage:

From 5.95% plus 4% fee. 

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