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Terms Our Rates
6 Months 3.10 %
1 Year 2.89 %
2 Years 2.54 %
3 Years 2.99 %
4 Years 2.99 %
5 Years 2.99 %
7 Years 3.69 %
10 Years 3.74 %
Current Prime 3.45 %
5 Year Variable 2.55 %


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Commercial Mortgages

Access to all kind of lenders: from big banks, and Credit Unions, to private lenders. No personal income required for commercial mortgages, only income from the property. If there is not enough funds for down payment, mortgage can be arranged with two lenders as 1st and 2nd (usually private). Rates from 2% on large loans.

We have special programs for professionals (doctors, veterinars, chiropractors) that alow to buy commercial property for office with 0% down payment.

Commercial's types of lending to be considered (but not limited to):

Multi-family (rental) apartment (CMHC and conventional)
Condominium interim construction (CMHC and conventional)
Health care /assisted living (CMHC and conventional)
Interim construction (residential and commercial)
Hospitality (hotels / motels)
Mixed use
Land, Farm
Mortgage debt consultation and re-structuring

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